DevTerm Production Status Update

Looks great! I regret a bit for not preordering however I am very glad that the project is finally delivering. Keep supporting this little gem and let it flourish!


Me too. I thought they two might fit well together.

Looks great. Anyone who received one, how are you liking it so far?

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Obviously I don’t spend enough time here anymore… so if I’m not wasting my time everyday… like the rest of yall… Obviously I’m not focused on CPi or the DT… so… #1? Hardly… meanwhile I’m over hear doing my own thing building things far more impressive and unique.

… But :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

lemme get my bearings a sec:

here you are, replying to me about your circumstances and happenings whereas everyone else is focused and delighted about the news of the device?


No wait- I can’t leave it hanging!

How is this not wasting of your time? How.

Don’t look at me in the wrong way, I bought the devterm, so I live here, so to speak. Never a wasteful thing for me to do!

… But this though

Such a post on this thread? Perhaps you should focus on a new thread about your DIY, rather than announcing your work here? No offense, but you definitely gain more traction of viewers in that thread rather than here.

But this has drawn too long now. I won’t push further.

Do whatever you see fit. We’ll just adapt to your “circumstances” and ‘presence’ either way.

… Never have I seen such a severe case of ‘sourgrapes’ as apparent as this one :expressionless:


Haven’t had time to play a lot with it.
Slightly surprised that it comes only with Raspbian is ClockworkOS still in the works or only for A04 and A06 series?

The form factor is a lot a fun, but might need to adjust the settings of the mouse ball thingy. And the height of some fixed windows in Raspbian is an issue with the screen height.


Agreed with the screen height issue. Sometimes I have to rotate the screen to find the ‘OK’ button.


It’s forum trolling. We just have to all ignore it. If it gets no responses, it will stop.

It’s a real pity, I was starting to get a great rapport with the guy, and was hoping to do some collaborative work. Needless to say i am a little disappointed.

I’m not helping by responding here, and I apologise for adding more kindling to the fire, but if everyone can just not respond to the trolls, their posts will disappear.

In reality, I am actually a bit worried for the guy, his mental health and physical well being. Some of his posts flaunting his projects look far less healthy compared to his initial posts.

We don’t know people’s circumstances, and it really does seem like a complete flip in personality. These are trying times, and the state of the world sure isn’t doing any favours for anyone.

Getting back on topic, the fact of the matter is, people are receiving their units now. They are being posted. I’m hoping that now things are running on schedule, we will see him come back. He is probably still checking back here because he is still interested; not because he’s wasting his time. And when he does, we should welcome him back with, as he does have plenty to offer.


Hey now, don’t encourage this, he already took over mine.


solved by hold the alt key then click the fixed window and move it to show the hide information.


Ahh. Appreciate it. Would love to figure out how to get them to jive with it. Not asking you in particular but anyone who sees this: are there any resources for developing IC for PCI/M.2 that could work with the Devterm’s factory periphery?

We (I) are trying to develop some field equipment for more or less remote usage. That also begs the question, how long would a “high-end” 18650 power this bad boy under medium load (i.e. some network browsing, SSH and monitoring–grafana-esque–applications)

Apologize for the many questions

Appreciate the responses and hard work Alex!

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The schematics provide some useful information. At least you can get two USB ports from the connector.

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I was about to come to the conclusion myself, really… It really is worrisome especially to someone like me as I’ve long lurked and reading about in these forums before my pre-order for the devterm. But yes, as per your advice and @noahbechtel :

I won’t push further. Apologies if it actually looked like that :sweat_smile:

Just a small avenue on my part if you lot don’t mind:

I’m far from being the most tech-savvy of the lot you see (backed pocketCHIP, don’t know what to do jack thing with it, I’m that illterate) but I always loved these kind of stuff. It’s like someone having a drive but have to learn, right? The learning part in me is painfully slow.

So imagine to my worry and disappointment when the said respectable member do a flip and he just falls flat. He has the skill and the knowledge (no matter how miniscule he has, that’s how BAD I am) so to see him like that it’s eeh… what a waste :frowning_face:

Most definitely! I will go out on a limb here to say that it was truly no ill-will on my part, it’s just me trying so hard to make him come to reason (and failed :sweat_smile:). but yeah, the more the merrier! No matter the past of the individual.

Back on the topic of the thread, @AlexDuan is it possible for you to tell us the rough percentage of CM3 pre-orders that have been shipped and fulfilled? :sweat_smile: A bit of a weak thing to ask, but percentages, even approximate values are always a wonderful thing to gauge things in progress to those that are less-knowledgeable like me hahah!


my second cm3 installation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok some people have found the “flag off topic” option. Nice, just don’t abuse of that. If you want to flag an answer, flag the first, not the replies. And flag only if really off topic.

Please report post that are clearly wrong (innapropriate, heinous, direct attack on someone, etc…) We do know who are the trolls, and see them and act when there is really need to.

Do not abuse of that function or sanction may come. I would prefer not to, but some of the flag in this topic were just a bit abusive, especially when someone is just trying to explain what to do against certains trolls.

Don’t feed the troll is the best moto. Just ignore them.


Thanks @UUUVVVWWW and @attila for the nice photos!

And I missed @iamcco and @vinc photos too!

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I had (well still have technically) one of the first EeePC netbooks and I had this problem all the time, even back then.

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All of the CM3s are in the carrier’s warehouse now. They are processing. Tracking will be sent to me in short. Meanwhile, there’s an unexpected issue just showed up for Eurpean folks. I’ll start a new topic for that.


I suppose the unexpected issue has to do with the import tax on imports into the EU. These have to be prepaid now, otherwise additional fees apply. Other suppliers have solved by letting EU customers pay for additional shipping fee.