DevTerm Production Status Update

I got heat spreader plates for laptop ram. Which ones will work best? I’ll let yall know after I test.
Once I satisfied, I’ll epoxy it.

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oh that looks AMAZING!

one thing that confuses me is the ‘trackball’ on the keyboard; seems more like a trackpoint/pointing stick to me?

Either way, I’m super stoked now!

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If you ever had one, think about the trackball on a blackberry, it should be the same thing, or like a really small trackball like on old laptop before trackpads


Exactly what I am thinking. Classic BB pearl style trackball.


Thanks! @Godzil for posting these photos.

A quick update:
Because of the recent surge of Covid cases in Guangdong province, where our manufacturers are based, there have been some tightened travel restrictions, lockdowns and mass testing that are affecting our shipment of DevTerm. However, based on the latest info, we are still confident that all pre-orders could be shipped in the coming 30 days. We will keep you posted should there be any update. Sorry again for the delay!


So much for my birthday… looks like I’ll have to tell my postman to hold it for me…


They still need to fix that front page, too…

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Also, like the New Nintendo 3DS (which is now old, ironically) C stick. A little solid rubber analogue joystick. It was … interesting. Little more than an overglorified camera angle changer but regardless, very useable!

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id rather have a pointing stick than a joystick, personally

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I’d rather have some sort of peripheral that just let’s me control things with my thoughts. if we’re being choosy.

Anyway, thanks to the team for at least providing some of that much needed eye candy we’ve been thirsting for. This will help us all through the voyage ahead. It’s been a crazy year.

I’ll be waiting to order, no money right now. But will eventually

I feel like this should now read:
[Will be shipped in July or August 2021]


As far as I can say it is not an IBM Nib (I think that call that trackpoint?)

The one use here as far as I can say from both renders and the photos is a small ball that rotate

Edit: hmm… Not sure anymore now. the photo looks like a “trackpoint” and I really hate these things they are absolutely imprecise. I prefer the small trackballs :frowning:

Edit2: Hmmmm² on the website it says 'trackbal":
Capture d’écran 2021-06-10 à 23.38.33

But on twitter it looks really flat:

I’m a bit confused now


I called it a Blackberry trackball pearl style… well… because:

The ‘pearl’ is a sphere, like any other trackball. an ever so slightly translucent (textured?) white ball.

That murata from memory who make that thing for BB. It was use on other devices like the HTC P3300 (also known as SPV M650:


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blackberry is how it got big… like how sony made the caddy drives for apple but most of us still call them PowerPC caddy drives. But YES!!! you get it, same thing.

It is not murata and I can’t find a manufacturer for that part, they all call that blackberry and all from chinese stuff. I know for a fact it is not originally chinese because the company I was work for at the time we were looking at that type of things and got samples from a bit well known name. Just can’t remember which one

@yong I hope there an RGB LED under the ball as they are transparent and made to have an LED there… :wink:

Checked the keyboard PCB and my original idea is not possible sadly :frowning:

Yong, will we be able to open the keyboard without taking the risk to damage it? As far as I understand they keyboard will arrive already mounted because it is a tedious one to build, but will it be user “hackable”? I would like to do something arount the trackball. Just for the fun :smiley:


never say never. where there is a will there is a way.
I’m sure side illumination would work just as well.
I bet if someone really wanted to, these could fit:

Dang, they really took thier time updating the front page after they the last update…