DevTerm Production Status Update

No biggies it can happen :smiley:


there is no plane with dt… yet… i guess it goes both ways.

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hey guys,is there any news? :grin:

Just spoke with Yong and he said they will have an update VERY soon :blush:


lots may doubt… but im often reminded just how strong my faith is. While this “update” doesnt offer speculation in regards to a delay or otherwise… i am still very much sure to expect shipping notification soon.

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Is it going to be delayed or not?

i do not think dee is tired… but we will find out when dee lays

There is a new tweet by Hal with a picture. The update must be coming soon!


Ha you beat me to it! Such a teaser indeed! Good to see a physical copy out in the wild! Thanks @hal flr the update! :slight_smile:


it IS vented…!!!
i might hold off on using the dremel…

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Where there is a vent, there is always the option of putting in some visually shmexy WIRE GAUZE!

Not only is it stylish, but if like me you have some furry friends (pets, not furries) then that vent looks like it’s going to be a dust bunny vacuum cleaner!

This will be one of the first mods I do to mine!


I’d probably opt for something more anti-static, like this:

Which is a great idea… since i have two kitties… thanx for the idea


Finally some discernable physical view of the Devterm! Time for me to appear!

Been lurking around these areas for awhile since the reveal of GS, but I was never a retrogamer to begin with. Devterm however seems more like a linux portable machine and it’s right up on my alley! Now I can’t wait to see the front side of the device… That ‘tomorrow’ can never come fast enough hahah!

mesh cover sounds good for the devterm considering I’ll be using this in the field (literal field, I work in a farmland of sorts) but I wonder if there’s definite space between the core module and the back cover. South East Asia’s pretty unforgiving in heat around this time of the year, so maybe something like RPi 4’s heatsink may give a bit of a headroom, heat-wise? It’ll work well with the heat fan actively cooling the fins, if they are of the same height!


I got heat spreader plates for laptop ram. Which ones will work best? I’ll let yall know after I test.
Once I satisfied, I’ll epoxy it.

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oh that looks AMAZING!

one thing that confuses me is the ‘trackball’ on the keyboard; seems more like a trackpoint/pointing stick to me?

Either way, I’m super stoked now!

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If you ever had one, think about the trackball on a blackberry, it should be the same thing, or like a really small trackball like on old laptop before trackpads


Exactly what I am thinking. Classic BB pearl style trackball.


Thanks! @Godzil for posting these photos.

A quick update:
Because of the recent surge of Covid cases in Guangdong province, where our manufacturers are based, there have been some tightened travel restrictions, lockdowns and mass testing that are affecting our shipment of DevTerm. However, based on the latest info, we are still confident that all pre-orders could be shipped in the coming 30 days. We will keep you posted should there be any update. Sorry again for the delay!


So much for my birthday… looks like I’ll have to tell my postman to hold it for me…