DevTerm Production Status Update

A06 is a unique processor and loading programs must be done from source - whereas the CM3 can use a package manager

what do you mean by that?

ClockworkOS is based on raspbian and the DevTerm page explicitly states “For more supported software list, please refer to the repositories of Debian 64-bit ARM.” - so you should be able to use the apt package manager to install software.

It might get a bit tricky to use third party binaries that only come as armhf.


TBF most of the time compiling just means downloading a source tarball, extracting it, and issuing “make install clean” at a bash.

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Just repeating findings from a review done and posted on the DevTerm group Cm3 vs A06… I’ll know in a few days…

I hope what you say is true! but here is the review -

I also (selfishly) hope that the community continues to share findings and details about what they get working on the non-CM3 devices (and how!) I suspect a number of us soon to be A06/A04 owners are no strangers to linux, command lines, compiling, etc. But I definitely appreciate the folks who spend a lot of time reverse engineering things, porting things, and figuring things out and posting pointers on how they got things working. Personally I’d rather have those pointers and guidance than trying to figure out everything from scratch myself (and be largely unware of what might even be possible).

For instance, there is a thread somewhere in the forum where it was shown how to install other architecture components so Raspberry Pi executables could be run directly on the DevTerm without recompiling. (It was in regard to Pico-8 since the source isn’t available for that and it wouldn’t run directly on the DevTerm, but I’m guessing the same method should work for a lot of other stuff too.)


I made that video. That’s a bit of a misunderstanding. The A06 Armbian has a regular debian packet manager. You can do a “apt get-install” for a whole bunch of software just fine.

It gets tricky if you want to used software that is not covered by the package manager. TIC-80 being an example. You can‘t use the Rasberry build. You can‘t use the Linux build. You‘ll need to compile from the source.


LOL well that’s how it SHOULD work. But in my experience it’s almost never like this. They don’t call it “Dependency Hell” because it’s nice and simple.

Well it looks like my A06 has moved, Fedex now have it and it’s on it’s way.

Here in the UK I’ve had a text from fedex with an expected delivery date, nothing yet about customs charges.


Same here, it is on the move. :+1:

It is pretty simple if you just make sure you downloaded the dependencies too :wink:

Same here, after twelve days I have a delivery date (3 Dec). There’s a light at the end of the tunnel guys!

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Thanks ! I’m not going to install anything crazy - mainly radio programming software, digital mode communication software for ham radio, and some software defined radio programs…

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I’ve received my A06 this evening - 3 days early - great little unit - installing programs I’ve used on the pi - I’ll be off this page and on to the other - hope everyone gets theirs soon - but I could not find the CPU screws! in my box… what size etc are they? Ill look at the rest of the forum…

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I remember they were difficult to find. I forgot where they were. Look again.

In my case they were in a mini ziplock bag that was sticked to the transparent plastic casing holding the DevTerm parts.


I just received mine and the screws are taped on the top right as soon as you open the box. Hope this picture helps.


Hey guys. I am glad that many have already received the A06, but I still have not received a notification from the delivery service. Please check if everything is ok with my order no. 14714. Thx!

And now arrived. Thank you!

Mine just arrived today, shipped to France with FedEx. Had to pay 72 EUR for customs and tax for an A0604 model worth $339. Customs clearance and delivery went pretty smoothly.

wow, quite some tax!