DevTerm Shipping and First Impressions Thread

i’ve recieved the same email shortly after ordering too

Yeah I also got an email after I ordered back in June as well as a few months later when I reached out to them to change my address for delivery. Alex got back to me

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Alex Duan from clockworkpi contacted me to square my order away, decided to pay extra to pick up the core and tf, really excited to open the box, slam in some 18650’s and start using it for SDR stuff. I suspect they might actually make their deadline, especially seeing pcb’s being posted on jan 9th on their facebook and just 17 hours ago they made a commit for the keyboard firmware on their github. plastics might be holding up the project since we have no actual pictures of the casement but I doubt it due to their experience with the gameshell. they have till next wednesday to start shipping but given all that has happened to everyone, them being late is nbd. If their late, im sure its not by much


I posred here the same day I got the message.

Just got this email guys, dang chip shortage at fault!

The progress of developing has been successful, all the main jobs have been done in the past week.

Unfortunately, we are effected by the global shortage of chips now.

We are working with our suppliers to purchase the chips we need for manufacturing, but we’ll need more time to actually get them.

The shipping will be delayed for a while because of it.

We’ll release update on our SNS soon.

Sorry for all the inconvenience.


Sad to hear that!
It’s been a while since GameShell / DEOT released.

they are stuck on the evergreen

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Hope it’s not affected by global chip shortage

I also got a response to my inquiry on the shipping date. It stated as follows :

I’m sorry to tell you that the shipping will be delayed because of the global shortage of chips. We’ll release an update on our SNS and soon.

Well we all sort of knew this was coming. See y’all around the middle of may.

the chip shortage and keyboarde mold issues

Hi there! My DevTerm just arrived and I’m about to assemble. Has anyone else got theirs yet?

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I just got mine 2 days ago. A06 model.
I just assembled it last night.
Assembly was super quick and painless. Everything just worked!
I was impatient and put some freshly bought 18650 batteries in to test, thinking they’d have at least 50% charge. The power LED came on, but nothing on the LCD.
Luckily I had a second pair charging, which I promptly inserted after they were charged. Instant relief!
Now to find some thermal paper to test!


Ordered A04 in February 2021 and heard absolutely nothing since. Hoping to get some kind of update soon.

Thinking about getting the A06 model myself… When did you place an order for yours? Seems like on the website they suspect shipping takes 60 days, which seems rather long…

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Ha, early days. November last year. But I’ve been around for a while, since the Gameshell days. If you want it, get it. Otherwise, there’s plenty of other people who will.

If this helps, here’s the tracking info. There’s not much they can do about shipping speed, especially this time of the year, re Christmas and Chinese New Year later on.

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Ah thanks for showing me! In the end, I decided to buy one second-hand off of someone who didn’t have time to assemble it. Seems to be a good option if the 60-day wait seems to be too long!

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Wow, Monica.
BTW, is the keyboard good? I dont know if it is possible for one to type something on there for a longer time (like writing a blog or screenplay).

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The keyboard is fine. The biggest problem for me is accidentally hitting the mouse buttons instead of the space bar. It’s the same height as the rest of the keys, and not on the edge.

At the end of the day, it just means I can’t hit the space bar with my thumb; instead needing to use my index finger. I just noodles around with possibly remapping the middle mouse button to a space bar. I think that would actually work and solve my problem. But that’s just me. I mainly use my Devterm on my lap.

Initially the track ball was too slow, but there has been some development on that front in this thread: I've rewritten DevTerm keyboard & trackball firmware

It’s now much better to use!

Another way I sometimes type is with my thumbs alone, like a smart phone. I have small hands, and my thumbs can reach all the keys, holding it like a game boy. It just gets hard to do chorded key strokes.

I think there is definitely going to need to be some break in period for the keys. It’s a membrane style, and some of them don’t have the same tactile feel. I’ll give it some more time and love. See where it goes. I haven’t had it long enough to really give any conclusive insight!

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Amusingly, I have the opposite problem: I often hit the space bar when I mean to click the mouse!

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