Devterm Solar Case

Hi everyone!
Last year, I had the pleasure to be co-teaching Tangible User Interface for CIID, where we intern ourselves for three weeks at a field station with the intention of designing interfaces that will allow us to interact with non-human creatures.
The course was very fun, the students build all sort of different experiments, and we encountered them to go out and build their prototypes in the jungle. We packed them with all sort of tools and they even build their own portable labs, however, one pain point was being able to program their microcontrollers with their laptops without running put of power.
A few months after that, I found out about the Devterm, which is just perfect for that issue we had at the jungle, and I bought myself one.
With that in mind, I decided to build a case for my Devterm, that can also charge batteries with a solar panel, while keeping it safe from external factors like mud and water.
That’s how I designed this Solar Case, based on
zx82net design, that not only can be used to charge batteries, but it also has enough room to carry extra batteries, tools, components and microcontrollers.
The case is 3D printed and watertight, so everything inside will be safe in a tropical jungle.
Let me know what do you think and what other uses do you see for this.



devterm and jungle…

very interesting, never crossed my mind

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I take mine camping does that count? …


Amazing job :grinning:
What panel is it?

That’s fantastic. How long does it take to charge the batteries?