Need Help About Flashing OS to Uconsole

I’ve try use raspberry imager to flash ubuntu into microSD card, it shows success flashing, but when I insert it back, the uconsole just don’t boot.
This works for my Raspberry 4b, but don’t work for uconsole.
Is there anything I shall do for uconsole specially?

You need some patches to the system and kernel, it will not work out of the standard Ubuntu for Pi OS. Download the official one here: uConsole os Images

If you want to try patching your own system kernel:


Thank you my friend, I’ll make a try~~

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Great it’s working, really thank you my friend~~

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You welcome! Glad it worked. By Tuesday it should my turn testing it out with some other systems, lets see :slight_smile:

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:grin: That’s great~
Have you prepared your batteries? I realize that my batteries could only run the uconsole for about 3hours :sweat_smile:

Yes, I got a two pairs that is 100% charged.

What kind of batteries do you have? I bought 3500mA.I think it will be enough.

My one is also 3500ma, but it drains so quick :joy: and i haven’t yet got the 4g module, it could be even worse if the 4g is on, i guess :grin:

Using these, all I got is listed on that post.


Did you received your uconsole? it’s already Thursday now :slight_smile: