Difference between Launcher and LauncherGo

Hi guys, can someone explain the main differences between the two launchers and which launcher is better to use. Thank you in advance

LauncherGo is the reimplementation of Launcher but in Golang, Launcher is made with Python

I would suggest using Launcher, as LauncherGo is less mature than the Launcher.

But is there a reason that the gameshell comes with both?

As LauncherGo is still in it’s infancy, it comes preinstalled so that you may test it, if you so desire. If you find issues with it please post them on this forum so that LauncherGo may advance further in it’s development.

at the beginning, we just want a faster “launcher”
but because the lack of development group for two launchers (in fact just one person only )

so the progress of LauncherGo is always behind launcher

the biggest difference is the Speed ,nothing more

Looking at the GitHub repos for both, Launcher is up to date and getting updates regularly, while LauncherGo hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

Is it OK to remove LauncherGo to recover a bit of storage space? What do I need to remove other than the ~/launchergo directory to get rid of it cleanly?

if you removed the

just try not to click the switch to launchego in the future,or you will have no launcher at all because the launchergo is gone

and if you happend to enter this situation
ssh into gs
edit ~/.bashrc in the bottom
replace the

if [ -f ~/launchergo/.cpirc ]; then
   . ~/launchergo/.cpirc


if [ -f ~/launcher/.cpirc ]; then
   . ~/launcher/.cpirc

that will have launcher back

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It would be nice to put an else to fallback to launcher i there is no launchergo path

yeah , you are right

I also thinking about to hide the launcerGo forever since few people are using it and the develoment is way behind the launcher

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Mmm. The poll I ran a couple of months ago was looking that way. But I’m guessing if it does get updated, people would use it?

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