I've made a NES out of a CPI3.1

I bought a GameShell kit a few months ago.
I didn’t pay much attention on the specs 'cause the look and the title “Retro Games” was enough for me.
So, when I found out that the CPI3.1 had a HDMI port and Blooth built in, I came up with a bald idea immdiately.
Then I bought a CPI3.1 and started my little project.
Here’s my work.


I sent the STL file to a 3D printing service ('cause the case was too meticulous for my 3D printer). They used SLA to make my little NES case. I also sent them some pictures of NES and with some extra fee, they painted it for me.
Not ideal on details, but resonable in general.

Now the STL file is still being worked on 'cause it has some flaws.
If you guys like it, let me know by sending comments.
I’ll share it with you soon.


Really nice project!

I’m gonna share the STL files with you guys in hours.
Wait for it.

I hope OP is okay. Hours have turned into 5 days

(psst, hey, the STL’s over here I've made a NES case, now here's the STL file )