Does DevTerm support UHS-1 Micro SD Cards?

Hi Everyone,

Does the DevTerm support UHS-1 Micro SD Card speeds? Or does it only go as fast as class 10 allows?

Hrm… Since UHS-2 uses a new pin layout, I’m guess that looking at the SD card port for what pins it has would be an easy way to rule out UHS-2 use. I guess UHS-1 is still possible though!

I use a Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC card in mine (this one on amazon!) which I believe is UHS-1.

How fast is your transfer speeds with the DevTerm? Noticeably better than 10MB/s? I’m thinking about maybe getting a new SD card if it helps with boot/load times.

With the card I mentioned hdparm is reporting around 22.75 MB/s. I can’t tell how much that materially improves boot/load times, but anecdotally it does feel a little better.

Hrm… I get roughly the same amount of speed with a regular class 10 card when I do the same test as yours. I guess maybe there isn’t much of a speed difference (at least with the DevTerm) to switching.

Dang! Just a placebo effect, then!