Does the DevTerm charge its batteries....?

I’m sorry for the really dumb and probably obvious question, but does the DevTerm actually charge the 18650 batteries when they are installed in the device? Is it a USB-C charger? Or do i need to take them out and charge them via an external charger?

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yes ,dt charges 18650 and it is USB-C


have not idea why it always show 0% of battery level when it is charging. I am not sure is it correct get the battery level information correctly

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Hmm, we need more information.

For example, which desktop environment is being used? Different flavours of DEs have their respective power management widget that by default expect ACPI. Some config tweaks might be required.

I say this considering I don´t have the e-mail yet , but its what I have experienced in other devices.


Yes and no, I mean yeah they tend to call that ACPI, but ACPI is a PC only thing and do not exist on any other platforms

Yes I’m just "playing’ with words here but ACPI is nothing more than some form of DeviceTree in a different form and potentially more complicated (Intel/Microsoft was there).

Anyway if a widget is not able to show the battery it probably use the wrong way to get the info.