Does the software have a cap on how many games it can index?

I’m curious if the software has a limit on the number of games it can index.

Like, no one probably has over 10,000 games to install, but if they did… could they?

While the GameShell comes with an SD card with the OS loaded in it, there’s nothing stopping you from cloning the OS to a larger SD card. So as long as you have a large enough SD, that would be the only limiting factor. As for the one it comes with, that would greatly depend on what kind of games you put on since their size varies greatly. They’re likely to at worst come with a 4GB SD card, so with an average game being, say, 150mb and factoring in the OS if it take up 1GB at worst, that be approximately 25 games out of the box (worst case scenario).

Now, let’s say you’re playing retro games (~1mb) and it comes with a 8GB SD card, the OS likely being 750mb max, that gives you a more likely ~7400 games.

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Ok, that’s what I was hoping to hear.

Assuming that I just need to add storage to add more games is nice, unlike the WiiU’s 300 game limit (not that anyone really reached that).

(If I need more that 32gb, I’ll just format whatever drive as fat32 and see if it works.)