DosBox Help!? How can I Install Raptor and One Must Fall?

After following a few different tutorials on Retroarch and Emulation as a whole on the GameShell, I’ve gotten everything except DosBox to work normally.

I have not been able to get DosBox or DosBox_SVN to boot up without just crashing.

I’m trying to install 2 games which have shareware versions accessible, One Must Fall 2097, and Raptor call of the Shadows.

Can anyone help out a noob? Thanks!!

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I am currently working on getting OpenOMF to work. It’s why i disappeared for a few days :slight_smile:

I dont think we will need DosBox though. just a little more time


Sweet! Can’t wait to see how this shapes up!
Was there an OpenRaptor being worked on too? I feel like i saw it somewhere, but couldn’t find it again…

I have only found a proto to Javascript that contains a small demo -

Still looking into DosBox

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