Educational terms


So I am starting my Video Games and Culture class this week and would like to get some imput from people who know more than me.

What are important technical terms that every student should know and how do you define it in a way that is easy(1-2 sentences) to understand?

for example terms like Architecture, CPU, GPU, RAM, FPS, native application, RGB, etc.
they can be terms that are specific to the gameshell but I would also like for them to understand overall concepts that they will have to be able to decipher.

These are teens, but remember that their knowledge is sometimes limited when it comes to computing.


Maybe compiler and interpreter.


What’s involved in such a class? Will you be learning coding or is this just an overview type thing?


Yes there will be coding involved. The class is an advanced class mostly for students that already know the basics of programing but we will be more focused on game development and social consciousness. Kids will be scripting in a variety of programs and languages mostly just Python and Lua and using things like Love2d, Godot, Pyxel, Pico-8/TIC-80, Scratch, and Unity.



That’s a good one to know too


Native vs. emulation, persistent vs. ephemeral memory storage, different types of languages and operating system, etc. are some good concepts to know.


Also bases,


that’s tough - but GIGO would be high on my list for new students in tech