MagPi Magazine Features Pico-8/Game Making

It seems like a good read this month folks. Talks about game making for the Raspberry Pi and mentions Pico-8. It’s really basic stuff but provides good insight if you’re new and also gives you some linkage. You can buy the magazine or download it from their website as a PDF for free.


You can also link directly to the PDF :slight_smile:

But yeah their article is interesting

Hmmm this topic give me a problem, we don’t have a category for discussion which are out of gameshell things.

#sandbox is not the best place in that case. @yong I think we need one for that, but I can’t come with a proper name (@YoshiK1 sorry for the disgression)

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It’s for info anyway. Wasn’t expecting a discussion so carry on. I also didn’t realise the category could be selected so apologies! If you can and there’s a suitable alternative then please move it :slight_smile:

No no it is interesting, not all of the MagPi but that article is definitely interesting :slight_smile:

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I created the Education category, let’s move educational and informational content there.