(CM3 Raspbian) anyone have any luck with EmulationStation

Just got my devterm. Very cool system, nice wide screen. Tried installing emulationstation on the existing rasbian that it came with. When i hop into terminal and run it I get:
“* failed to add service - already in use?”
Tried booting to command prompt and running it from usr/local/bin but i get the same message.
Googling it seems like this might be a memory allocation problem.
So I was just wondering if anybody’s tried this, or if there is an easy fix.

I tried too and wasn’t having success. Using mednaffe at the moment which I installed using apt-get and it works alright so far, although there are a few strange things like the main window running off the screen and I can’t resize it. Games seem to work but audio is a little choppy.

The demos on instagram show retroarch working, so maybe that is worth a try.

Oh stand alone retroarch would be nice… Thanks I’ll check out Mednaffe.
I tend to try to install a game system on any pi project first. Helps me get an overall feel for the buttons, volume, image quality and power.
And it’s really fun.

I just installed retroarch using apt-get and will test it out. Seems to install and run just fine.

Mednaffe was too unstable and had a lot of latency for me.

EDIT: had to play with a lot of different settings and add the nightly build url to the config file for retro arch for it to download the cores. After that, I had to show the core download option in the view settings and point the directory at the core download folder.

So far it’s not bad. I’m adjusting latency settings and I also removed the config to exit on hitting escape since the directional pad is right above the esc key.

This page has some good info at the bottom on configs: