[extension] LoRa + GPS board

Hi all,

I’ve almost designed a board with LoRa and GPS.
Repo link: argrento/uconsole-lora: uConsole extension board with LoRa and GPS - uconsole-lora - Codeberg.org

PCB is not yet finished:

Linked: Meshtastic Compatible Lora Expansion - #11 by hpux735


I like how this looks. I think it will offer significant functionality. I can’t want to experiment with it. Of course, I still need to wait for my uConsole to ship…

Good work, thank you.

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What’s your plan for the gps antenna? UFL to internal antenna with ground plane? Or UFL to panel mount SMA with external antenna?

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Last time I checked they haven’t released the case STL’s yet, but my plan is 3D print a new back cover with a GPIO controlled fan for heat and to attach the antenna in a purposely thinned out spot. I like this PCB idea also, but I’m probably going to make a tumor with a single joystick, a couple shoulder buttons and a lora module over spi or something.

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Just Lora or also LoraWAN?

And… is there space for DECT? Zigbee? The board looks so empty, and having some common urban RF protocals would be fun to play around with.

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This is super exciting and I would definitely buy one.

I’ve purchased the SUDOMaker loShark L1x1 development dongle - it has a library for python and interfaces by USB . it’s an external device so I’ll let the forum know… but a built in Software defined Radio or GPS would be so useful - another thread but additional USB etc are being looked at…