Meshtastic Compatible Lora Expansion

Would anyone be interested in an expansion card that would allow Meshastic based LoRa communication?

Originally wanted to built an Ethernet expansion board but the CM4 pins for this are not mapped to the DIMM interface, so this seems like the next best thing?


Expansion slot is just a breakout for USB and a few other things. USB to Ethernet would be a simple card to design.


Is the source for Meshtastic available ? I’m interested in it too - but my approach has been to use ESP32 Lora approach via UTP or TCP/IP…

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Yes it is, go to the meshtastic site link to github there.

To be honest a Lillygo LORA board is probably small enough to slot straight in and power up and be controlled via USB.

Other software option using same hardware is Rnode, go to

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Meshtastic off grid messaging is really interesting

I’m a ham radio guy and an auxiliary communication enthusiast - Lora has real promise when used in mesh network


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Exactly, might as well just use a USB dongle if the included controller isn’t connected.

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I’m looking to put a RAK4630 or RAK4631 on an expansion board, as you said, hooked up and powered by USB most likely as this should allow serial communication with Meshtastic and the board.

Potentially a GPS module too but I’ll start without.

Hadn’t heard about that project, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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I am designing such a board. Have schematic already, was about to post it here tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Well you are a couple of steps ahead of me, I would love to contribute if you’re willing to open source the project as I was planning too!

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Rnoide!!!… crazy!!!

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I’m definitely interested in this. I was considering making one myself. Not for meshtastic, but for provisioning LoRa devices in the field.

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I like the idea, someone posted a design they are working on. You can find it here: [extension] LoRa + GPS board

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A LoRa board would be amazing to experiment with. I cant wait to see it in action!

I have a Lora USB dongle - there are python modules for it - I’ve just not had a chance to take it out of the box and experiment with it - Winter Break went by really fast! And our community is getting a 200 mwatt solar farm - so there is volunteer activity on my plate to assess the ‘before’ rf environment before the plant goes on line.

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If you would be so kind, I would like to obtain the same dongle and the Python modules for it and play with it myself. If I can in time, I would be glad to let you know how my experiences went with the unit!

Did some rummaging around online and found this, maybe this could be good with the upico and itll just be a plug and run

What about the Heltec WiFi LORA 32 board (WiFi LoRa 32(V3) – Heltec Automation). I assume we could power it internally and connect to it via USB/Serial or Bluetooth? It looks like it would fit internally.

Well with whats available, the uhub has an internal usb through a sort of ribbon cable, was going to do the same thing but with a headless m8

Ill find what I bought and the receipt and try to post here.

this is the USA variant 868 to 915 mhz

I don’t have the skills, but I think it would be cool to have an expansion board that supported these WisBlock modules.

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