Hey everyone, I’m very new to a lot of things regarding UConsole and I’m still waiting for mine to ship. In the meantime I’ve been looking into different things I could add to the UConsole once I get it. I’ve been looking into meshtastic devices and like the ideal of being able to build nodes. Traveling full time in a 5th wheel I stay at a lot of rv parks across the US and I’ve been thinking about how awesome it would be to convince some park owners to let me install solar nodes at their park. Anyways I know a lot of meshtastic devices only allow a second Bluetooth device to write messages so I was wondering can that device be the uConsole? Has anyone gotten the meshtastic app to run on the uConsole ? Ive had seen some forums with people looking to build a Lora expansion for the uConsole but thats about it nothing on if the app works. I’ve also been looking at the T deck by lilygo but wondering if it would even be necessary.


Try the Meshtastic Discord, there’s a bunch of stuff there on setting up remote nodes.
There is an image for the Pi but it is a complete image, not an app.
I do have a T3S3 stuffed inside my DevTerm, but it is just connected to the USB. I connect to it via serial and use the web interface.
I’m sure an extension board can be created for this purpose, but it is beyond my abilities
Good Luck

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