Messed up order and missing battery

My order arrived finally yesterday with a customs charge of £13. Now I’ve got the item it only has 1 of the 2 clockwork pi’s in it and no batteries.

Looking around the forum apparently the battery thing is a known issue but you’ve completely failed to communicate that to the very people who have funded your project.

Really disappointed in the communication and with the lack of my second unit that I will no doubt be stung another £13 for when it finally arrives assuming you can actually get me one.

Oh and the free 10p safety googles? Is that some kind of joke?

I had mentioned in the forum that some backers were probably not going to be aware that a forum existed that gave information about the battery issue. I had suggested that CPI actually emailed backers instead (make sense after all) but well, a moderator essentially told us to stop complaining. I have since made my complaints to CPI about that.

In case you haven’t caught up with the developments:

The batteries were removed because the way they were packaged contravened shipping regulations (not so much CPI’s fault, but the shipping agent they outsourced in China - said shipping agent has arguably falsely declared the goods, as you will see on your parcel.)

CPI will be sending replacement batteries in the forthcoming weeks, stay tuned to the forum for that.

There is a topic in this forum that will be a resource to you for sourcing batteries in the meantime. Or until the CPI battery arrives, the GameShell may be powered off a micro USB lead.

as for the missing ClockworkPi GameShell… whew. thats unfortunate, sorry to hear that. It will probably have gone missing when they opened your package to remove the batteries. Whats missing exactly? One entire ClockworkPi components kit? I hope thats resolved for you soonest.

Hope that answers some of your questions. Be mindful of your phrasing here, there have been numerous occasions in which a forum moderator has threatened action for , well, complaining. Remain positive and upbeat (!)

PS. Between you and I, I didn’t use the goggles, but they will come in handy for future DIY projects, I’m sure.

Regarding the £13 customs charge, this probably occured because the combined order cost declared on the shipping manifest was over the threshold for orders outside of the EU. I would have a look at the other discussion which has a lot more infomation about customs duty etc. From what I understand, people who only ordered 1 kit did not encur the customs costs.

I would contact yong about the missing kit

The customs value thing is just an addition to a relatively poor experience. No battery? Just buy one it’s only ANOTHER £5…

Who is Yong?

yong (his username) is the campaign owner, the person running the kickstarter campaign

use @yong so he can get notified.

@alunr I’m sorry about your experience. Pls. send your tracking number to, we will look into this case. We will send you the missing unit when confirmed.
Regarding the replacement battery, we are sending them out in separate package, it may take a few weeks to arrive. Again, we apologize for the mess up.

Technically no he is not, but he work for Clockwork Pi!

Thank you for your apology about the batteries. It could easily have been avoided with a bit of communication though…

I’ve emailed you my tracking number. I really do hope I don’t get another customs charge as currently battery plus customs charge is another £20 on top of my initial payment.

I do hope the product isn’t a disappointment as currently it’s starting on a pretty poor footing

Thank you to everyone for your comments. They have been very enlightening and I’m now “in the loop”.

I have to say if a moderator wants to threaten a user for offering advice they need to seriously consider who they are employing.


Moderators are not related to clockwork pi, they are normal users that were given mod permission to mantain the forum

You are right, they may not be employees of ClockworkPi, but they have been granted the responsibility of maintaining the standards of conduct that ClockworkPi have set in place. Thus, they are representatives of ClockworkPi.

We must all ensure we keep to the community guidelines to keep this forum an enjoyable place.

@alunr for the time being, are you going to power your GS by USB only? I hope this hasn’t soured your experience, as it really is a rather good gadget to get into. I highly recommend looking at some of the other topics here that will guide you through adding emulators and games, and have fun.

Can someone (@yong) please confirm what the procedure is for getting the missing battery resent?

Just to set the record straight.
No moderator have ever threatened someone for “giving an advice”.

The first warning was about setting bad mood and bad ambiance on the forum by whining and spreading false information (no specific person was targeted on that warning, just asking politely, but firmly to everyone to stop doing that). The second warning, was after asking nicely 2 times to move a discussion to a new topic, came on the third time it was asked to move the discussion.
By warning, it is just “that is the last time I ask” (in a more nice sentence) and the only threat on both was to lock some answer. Banning had NEVER been mentioned.

In fact no moderator have ever threatened someone specific.

Last time I talk about that, but I don’t like incorrect informations.


@karimtabet: If you are part of the people who received the gameshell without the battery, they should already send you a replacement one, and you should get it in a couple of weeks (probably sent using the slow mail)
So you should have nothing to do. @yong: could you please confirm?

Thanks @Godzil. Not sure what the rest of your post was about though :confused:

Was not for you don’t worry :slight_smile:

You don’t need to do anything to get the missing battery resent. @Godzil is right, as they are sent via slow mail, it may take a few weeks before the replacement battery to arrive. You might want to consider buying a backup battery, information are discussed in the following topic:

@yong Are you able to confirm if the replacement batteries have actually been sent yet or not? Will we receive tracking numbers for them as well; and most crucially, what measures have been taken to prevent the same fate as the previous batteries befalling these ones? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for answers.

If it is slow’mail, I doubt there are tracking.

And from what I understood on one of previous messages from @yong, they are already on the way, but I may have misunderstood.

Man that sucks about the NL Customs inspection. That must have cost you guys a whole bunch of unwanted hassle and unexpected expenses.

Well, anyway thanks so much for sorting it out and for your response!

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