Feedback to closing: Wen ship? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You’re absolutely right, forum management is maintained spontaneously,not paid by CPi at all, and all mods were the first generation of GameShell produced at that time, who contributed a lot to the forum.

In fact, the forum has been spontaneously maintained to this day, which is a small miracle.

Here is the latest progress of uConsole:

It has been delayed, just like flight delays due to bad weather.

In fact, there are always actively preparing for shipment, but after all,
need time to do adjustments of hardware,software ,recreating new models ,try different materials

and the quantity is small, and the factory is relatively (very) late in sorting orders.

Many people may not fully understand the process of producing electronic products.

In fact, a factory is constantly accepting orders and producing, unless your order quantity is large enough to support the entire factory, otherwise various products actually sharing a same production line in order