For those of you using SNES button layout

Not sure if this is the right thread…

I’ve made a few footbar icon sets that show the correct button based on the SNES layout.

Just put the one you want into your theme into ~/skins/[THEME NAME]/ and make sure it is named footbar.png.

Alternatively, if you don’t use a theme, you could put it into ~/launcher/skin/default/ (although I assume this will be overwritten on OS update)

footbar footbar-orig footbar-coloured footbar-default

Here’s an album to see them betterer:


Ahaha the timing! I think they updated the launcher pretty much the day you posted this!
I wish the version of the current launcher was more descriptive!

Still, this is potentially still useful for someone installing their Gameshell OS with the stock image, say if they’re having trouble connecting to the internet to push the launcher update.

“Re-fixed” the buttons. Here’s some alternative options:

footbar-fullcolour footbar-whitehollow footbar-hollowcolour

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