Game machine (how remember game)

I forget a name of game.
this is from arcade game not console. on 2.5D isometric view walking monster.
Collect points, danger strawberry (or i will strawberry) would like to kill you,
the wood cilinder killing enemies.
and i can kill enemies with flags.

Do you recall what company it came from / around what year it was in arcades?

no ;(

is any one page with screenschots? I dont found one big web page

Of all arcade games? Not that I know of. Some other members of the community might know of something similar.

We might need some more information if we are to help find the game you are looking for. Do you know who/what the player character is? Was it in a maze? Was it a platformer? Any info like that would be helpful.

There wasn’t that many successful isometric Arcade games of that era… Only Congo Bongo seems similar to any of the description you gave.