GameShell for sale


Thank you @Godzil
@Masbah_Uddin I have sent you a PM! :wink:


What’s the reason for no private negotiations?


I want to buy your Gameshell. I live in Korea.


1 - It’s probable that PMs can’t be read by admins etc so there might be no come backs if it was received but something was missing, broken etc.

2 - Makes the sale conditions known to all so that it’s both fair in the sale (not leading people on by telling everyone they can have it but only selling it to the one who paid first) and if there’s any complaints about the sale then everyone has all of the information required to deal with it - if this forum will deal with it. It also prevents repetitive discussions with numerous people as all the information about the sale is public.

3 - Allows people to notice scammers more easily based on the conversation without an environment of people telling on people by creating threads.


Thanks @YoshiK1 you say it better than I was going to say :smiley:

What I was going to send:

Simple, no risk of contentions as informations are public, it is easy to trace if a problem occur (which is not possible if things are done in PM) and make the life of moderator easier on such topics.

And some really similar rules are in use on other forum I’m following and works well and prevented quite a couple of problems.



thanks for response. the reason I asked is I think its worth having the discussion so it is explained openly and everyone knows why. :grinning::+1:


item sold … at 70 USD +plus 30 Shipping