GameShell OS Image v0.6 gamma

When I change the to Chinese, the startup screen will be stuck at the loading screen

feedback got

Incomplete noto uniconde series fonts lead to multi-language switching crash


right now, you need to find a way to ssh into GS, or mount GS sdcard on linux computer

delete /home/cpi/launchergo/sysgo/.lang

rm /home/cpi/launchergo/sysgo/.lang

then reboot, launcher will back

and if your network can access GitHub well

try update launchergo ,


cd ~/launchergo/
git pull

to get a newer version of launchergo to avoid this bug

and right now ,launchergo does not have fullly support of multi-language interface

will be fixed in a future version

os image download link updated, included this fix

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Thanks very much. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Has this been officially released? I am wondering why it is a MEGA link instead of a link on ClockworkPi’s site …

Not yet

I want to release it when kernel issue got fixed

But you can try it

and feedback

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Thank you! My GameShell is on order. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it just me, or is everything much slower on this. Booting, launching retroarch, etc, all take longer to do.

  • Power on to launcher ready
    • v0.5 : 29 seconds
    • v0.6g2 : 2 minutes 6 seconds
  • Launching RetroArch
    • v0.5 : 4 seconds
    • v0.6g2 : 33 seconds

(0.6g2 refers to clockworkos_v0.6_gamma_2)


Yes, everything way slower

Happy to see some development on the official GameShell OS Image ! So so cool to see some upgrades coming.

Will try to find some time to test it out.

Love the armbian use here. What would be the chances of seeing the gameshell in the download list of armbian website like the devterm ? (see screenshot below) :

Any updates on 0.6 or the kernel issue? My GameShell just arrived!

not yet

update will be available after uConsole shipment


I don’t know why but compared to 0.5, the experience is far slower. mgba took a whole minute to start up along with all the indie games. I’m suspecting it may be due to some driver issues but I primarily think its because the backend is using ubuntu. Debian was a far better choice as its better known as being a good backend for embedded/consolized systems where some people report ubuntus bloat causing slowdowns worse than windows 10/11. Just my two cents idk

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well i got the gamma 3 build and the wifi doesn’t work at all. it keeps giving me connection errors.

Is there an update on the 0.6 version + updated kernel ?
The current version works but it could really use a speed boost.

not yet

still working on something else

It’s been a couple of months so I just thought I’d check if there are any updates. I’m loving the experience but encountering two issues:

  1. General slowness as reported elsewhere
  2. PICO-8 refuses to load. I’ve followed all the tutorials I can find but it keeps telling me I need to buy and copy the ZIP file over. I’ve done that, but it still refuses to start.
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thanks for the reply

there is no update right now

will be fixed in next release

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hey @guu
I have been working on trying to get vanilla Armbian running on a GameShell as well. I would love to lend a hand where I can. I found the v0.6 kernel patches in the github, but do you have any of the Armbian build configs and patches?

So far, I have been able to get Armbian 23.11 to run and even started playing with @Samdze launcher. However, it is missing some of the settings stuff (wifi, Bluetooth, etc) that the original launcher has. I saw that there is the launchergo repo on GitHub but it includes binary blobs. Is there a full source repo for launchergo? I think I found the source for launchergo: GitHub - clockworkpi/LauncherGoDev but is this up to date?

I would love to collaborate if possible.

The LauncherGoDev is up to date

and for the armbian
I never use armbian on Gameshell before, so there is no configs and patches…

sorry for that

No worries at all.

I just wanted to make sure someone wasn’t already working on the same thing.

I just got launchergo to run on armbian 24.01 with kernel 6.1. It’s missing a couple of things but it seems to definitely be a possibility.

I still need to write up a document on how to generate the image but the Armbian build system takes care of most of that.

I’ll start a new post soon with instructions and such if anyone is interested in contributing.