Gmenu2x build success!

check section folder, it got some example lauch files, you could also create categories & links from the app

I see that. It won’t let me search through the navigator for any files to link. I’m just not sure how to create a link. I don’t know what goes into the text file

there is a “show root” option to start from /

I saw that as well. However it just turns off automatically


sorry no much time to check and my unit is not here,

wasn’t there a command and a param entry in the file ?
just put your classic sh file path as the command must be ok

it’s turn off ? entering sleep mode ?

i was made some test to compile & configure dingux fork, but not tryed made it launch anything
don’t have done some other test on this original gp2x version too …
i will try next week

Sorry I should have been more specific lol. “It turns off” I meant the option for root.

When I turn it ON in the settings, and leave settings it turns OFF so I can’t search through my SD card.
No Param for it by default and I dunno what to add. Thanks for the help man

you mean the option turn back after your restart gmenu2x ? or if you reenter the option menu ?

check you quit the config windows with an ok action and not a cancel one

also gmenu2x must save his config when it exit, you could done a “pkill gmenu” from command line to send him a close signal

i was also got save problem in my test, but as i was on an open unit i done some thing by ssh & mouse pluged

the file browser must request the command entry, so the file to execute

try adding one of the sh file inside menu folder that you use with the clockwork launcher

It instantly turns off when I leave the menu. I’ve tried every button I’ll try again!

you may miss a button to configure ?

I’m using the GameShell config it came with. Maybe I will try a re install. Can you copy paste your input config?

i must check, also i configured the dingux fork, not the gp2x