Gnome 4X on uConsole?

I recently ordered my uconsole and I was wondering if it would be possible to get gnome on it
I use gnome’s ecosystem and having everything with matching looks is just Nice
And gnome works great for mobile UIs

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Youll have to look into the clockwork pi github for that, theres some instructions on what you need to add to whatever os so it works on uconsole

Well in theory it’s possible to just install it on top of the default disk image

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If thats the case im sure it could be done then, all i know thats available and works is raspberry pi os and thats a form of debian if that helps

in my thread i detail how to install a new DE such as Gnome. Yes, it is possible. Note, that the default LXDE image from Clockwork Pi is based off of Debian 11, so the Gnome version will be old. Besides that, its Gnome! Perhaps you can find a way to install a newer version with bookworm-backports as i’ve been able to install newer packages that way when i added the backports repository.

Is debian 12 planned?

Probably is in the making. You maybe be able to tinker and create your own distro with debian 12 with the link above.

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