Guide to configure your own OS for uConsole-CM4

So i have made streamlined guide as a .txt file so that you can configure your own OS for uConsole CM4. I used what was on ClockworkPi’s github instructions (supplied in the github) but took out all that isnt needed for the uConsole which was originally for the Devterm. Made it easy to follow plus copy/paste-able so you can have it up next to your terminal when doing configurations. This is only a guide for debian-based (apt) OS but hopefully soon i might be creating one for different types in the future (me no know how other work yet).
Theres also a RPiOS bookworm (and lite version) image in the releases section which works and hopefully more to come in the future (working on kali, ubuntu, popos…). Link to the github is at top and please help if you can with letting me know about suggestions, errors, fixes or whatever really.

Using this guide on a RPiOS lite, you can install whatever desktop environment (and multiple) you like:

Happy configuring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dude, you make my day !!! Thanks !

This is amazing, thank you! Now i just need to receive my uConsole!

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I tried out kali and ubuntu and both have some … issues, kali processes everything but screen doesnt pop up and ubuntu has some issues with installing packages. Hopefully both i can figure out soon and also if ubuntu solved than i can possibly apply it to other OS that is based on ubuntu.


Thank you Snoozer94 for doing this. You are amazing!

So from doing a little research online after failing a few times on other OS’s, i found that you could install a desktop from a raspberry pi lite OS. I originally thought this would only be restricted to PIXEL (raspberry pi official desktop setup) but i soon discovered that there is a plethora of desktop styles you can install. Ill let the guide take you through all of it aswell as have the link here and on the main first post.