GSP: GameShell-Phaser


Strange, everything seems fine I really dont understand what is going on. As a last resort try the following

edit, it should read:

/home/cpi/GSP/nwjs-sdk-v0.27.6-linux-arm/nw /home/cpi/GSP --use-gl=egl --ignore-gpu-blacklist --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --num-raster-threads=2 --remote-debugging-port=9222

remove the part: /home/cpi/GSP

So it should be now:

/home/cpi/GSP/nwjs-sdk-v0.27.6-linux-arm/nw --use-gl=egl --ignore-gpu-blacklist --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --num-raster-threads=2 --remote-debugging-port=9222

Try launching the GSPLauncher again, it should just load the default nwjs page. If this does not work then I am afraid I have no other ideas on what might be the problem.


I understand your reasoning for setting the screen rectangle one pixel smaller than the screen to prevent the scrollbars, but the resulting white line is distracting! Is it possible to clear the screen to black before creating the smaller window? It’s not that important… Just aesthetics.



Meh, seems that also not a solution. Maybe I’ll try to reset the GS and try again.


Yeah you are right, I will check if it is feasible for the next update


Then you certainly have problem with nwjs (assuming points to the correct location). Are you sure that the .so libraries existing in the /lib folder of nwjs folder are also copied in ‘/usr/lib’?


You might try executing the bash script from SSH:


If everything is working, you should get the message: Gtk- WARNING: cannot open display: Anything else, you may have a syntax error somewhere.



Finally, it works :smiley:

My GS was missing

Got this message when executed from terminal:

/home/cpi/GSP/nwjs-sdk-v0.27.6-linux-arm/nw: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

After installing this the problem was solved.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libnss3-dev

Thanks for all the help elefas and LasVegas :grin:.


Awwww snap how could I forget it! I should add it to the instructions! … or better in the installer script…