Having trouble with Mgba

I’ve tried everything I can think of. Any advice?

Try explaining the problem

so I tried uploading ROMs zipped and unzipped and when I go to the MGBA program on the gameshell and try to scan, there are no files recognized. I also tried adding a gba bios but no luck. I managed to the the NES ROMs to work by uploading the zipped files.

Try loading mGba core first then navigate to your unzipped rom. This works for me in retroarch.

Hey guys,

i have the same problem. In Retroarch everything works fine, but in the GameShell Launcher -> Retro -> MGBA nothing can be found (i tried x serveral times to rescan)


What file extension are you using? Clockwork only recognizes .gba and .gbx roms for this emulator

/home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro Games/(Emulator Here)/action.config

lists the extensions it will recognize, and change it given a system restart

I´m using the zipped files (extension .zip etc.).

Thank you very much!

modifying this file can I make it run also ROM .gb or .gbc ?


You can change “gba, gbx” to “gba, gbx, gbc” and it will list gbc games. However, if the emulator isn’t compatible with the format it will not work.

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im having a similar problem, i am able to move the zipped files over and but i do not see them. then i rename the end with gba or gbc but they do not work. they run and open but then the screen blacks out and goes back to the main menu

I think you have to either extract them first or upload as is. By changing the extension, the system doesn’t recognize the file structure and cannot work with it (e.g. a zipped file then pretends to be a *.gba or similar file).

I have tried to extract it both in the mgba and before it, non worked. I have even tried it with the snes

Hey my MGBA is working really well I’m just curious why it won’t save the time in Pokémon lol.