Can't see roms after a successful transfer. ~help

After connecting to TinyCloud and dropping zipped roms in, the roms don’t show up on the GS. I have used Scan (X) and double checked that the files actually copied. (Would using winrar as a zipping tool cause something like this to happen?)

Which emulator? nes and mame accept .zip exclusively, while MGBA accepts .gba and .gbx only.

There are more than one SNES and MAME emulator.

Also @Sam, you need to load the core first and then the content or you wont see any of the files because the core dictates what extension is valid. I recommend SNES9x Next. Download it, load the core and then load content and go to that folder.

I was referring to the built-in ones. Retroarch does’t require you to scan, merely find the directory they are in.

Edit: Mistakes were made- I meant Nes when I said Snes. Disregard

Is there a manual or something somewhere that has all this information in it or is everyone that much more savvy with this than me? Cause it makes sense after someone explains it but some of the stuff like getting the TinyCloud to connect isn’t very straight forward. Also thank you guys I’m trying that now.

It was for the MGBA, thanks for the quick reply

I found that information by digging through the files. There really needs to be a manual.

I totally agree. Having something so complicated with no manual seems to be a pretty big oversight… That being said, the community has been nothing but helpful with sharing the information that they learn.

The MGBA error has been solved. I was trying to put a zip file into it when it should have been just the .gba / .gbx file. Thank you 2 for your help.