Hi everyone, this is a help request

Hi everyone, I’m not good at programing and it is a littel bit harder for me to config to play games without diying in the proces and I made a big mistake during the process, now the program and the menu don’t start and the only happens is a terrible black screen.
These are the questions:
How the hell can I fix this madness?
How can I put free roms to play with, withou die?

Thanks for help.

First of all welcome and congrats for getting the gameshell :smiley:

for the os i think the only way to fix it is to format the sd , download the os and then use a program like rufus : GameShell OS image file

for the games there is a complete tutorial here ; How to add games to gameshell

i hope it will help you , ask again here the community will help you .

Best regards Lenux :slight_smile:

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:grinning:Thanks a lot Lenux you’re great!

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