High frequency noise after "sudo poweroff"

As I ran the command “sudo poweroff”, It clearly sounds /took/ (as if switch is off ). But actually DevTerm is still working. And sounds high frequency notice. So I have to press power button 10 seconds to shutdown properly.
I didn’t connect power source. Only using battery.

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I recommend using shutdown instead

shutdown is like poweroff , but it also runs shutdown scripts which should stop things gracefully. Examples include giving programs a chance to close files, delete their lock files and unmount drives properly.

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The noise always apear now and than, once a time, it always noisy after shutdown no matter wether I connect the USB power cable or disconnect the cable. I have to remove the battery to stop the noise. It’s not about software, not about charge adaptor or cable, it’s the hardware’s problem I think.

how to shutdown DT? like press power button or use command sudo halt -p?

This time I shutdown it by Rasbian Start Menu: Log off → Shutdown.
Other time I shutdown by: sudo halt

Thanks for the suggestion but it does not differ from other methods.
DevTerm still sounds noise on shutdown.

There is no difference between poweroff and shutdown on systems that use systemd (Debian 8.0 released with systemd in 2015). See What is the difference between Halt and Shutdown commands? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

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Interesting, with fairly modern OSes ive experienced differences with poweroff being the worse kind of turning off.

(Most were debian based)

I think SystemD override all of that by it’s own set of tools so works probably different than everything else.

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I get this too, It seems to be when the unit is off, the battery is full and the power usb is still plugged in.

For me, this happens occasionally when the machine is on or off depending upon the battery and charge state. As for turning off:

shutdown has many options, and poweroff calls shutdown -P now. Historically, these issue system calls to the kernel directly. It was typically better to use halt via shutdown -h now to ensure that you ran through the necessary init system scripts before power down (at least on systems that used sysv init).

With systemd, this changes on some systems, but not on all. Different distributions have different configurations of systemd. On Debian, and Debian ARM, poweroff is a symlink to systemctl and systemd then uses arg[0] to set the mode of run. It will execute the series of scripts necessary to shutdown the machine. shutdown on Debian ARM appears to the do the same.

On my DevTerm a04, I can use sudo poweroff and the machine runs through the necessary scripts to safely shutdown, and there is no need to type sudo systemctl poweroff. Likewise, halt serves essentially no purpose.