Highest order number that received the shipment notice

DHL to USA has no movement yet.

Edit: finally

Shipment picked up, HONG KONG - HONG KONG SAR, CHINA Nov 17 6:57 PM

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:exclamation: :exclamation: NOT SHIPPED YET :exclamation: :exclamation:

Order Number: 205XX
Model: A-06
4G Module?: No
Color: Black
Carrier (e.g FedEx): PostNL
Country: Netherlands
Order Date: December 7th 2022

Omg omg omg,

“Your order has been shipped.”


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Mine is out for delivery, finally!


Hi all! Finally, I received the shipment notification!!! After 1 year and 1 month! Order n. 179xx, Shipped to France.


Mine was delivered 1 hour ago but as my girlfriend was gone for 1 hour, the delivery was made at the same time…the package left! There’s a $50 fee for the importation apparently too.


Order #194XX delivered today. CM4+LTE


Order Number: 20020
Model: CM4
4G Module?: no
CM4 Module?: yes
Color: black
Carrier (e.g FedEx): Fedex
Country: France

Label printed…

The best!


I think this should be a meme

Mine was received today (on the estimated delivery date provided by DHL) as part of batch 4.


Been sitting with Fedex at Lantau Island, HK since the 17th, for something called “FedEx International Priority” doesnt seem terribly “priority”…

Received 11/20, no issues.

3 days! that’s incredible!!! still waiting on the golden email… sigh…

Well, same here. Notification of label being created on Monday 13/11, received the expected date of delivery for Tuesday 21/11 last Friday, followed by custom clearance on Saturday.
Since I could not be there at the date of delivery, I booked for a later delivery date on Wednesday 22/11 (today) and took the 2 following days off.

Still nothing, and the parcel seems to take a stroll in Hong-Kong every day since :

So I called FedEx today (for a fee of course) to try to understand what is happening since it’s “Express delivery” and something clearly seems odd. I could not get a better answer that “the parcel is still in HK, but it may leave today”.

I guess I will spend the next 2 days doing chores at home to keep myself from thinking of all the cool stuff I was hoping to do during this time off with the uconsole I ordered on preorder day 2, in October 2022.

This uconsole better be the most awesome stuff I ever hoped ! Because for one year and a month it has been nothing but a rollercoaster of disappointment.

I may sound bitter, but I really tried to keep a positive view all along, keep away from trolls on this very forum, not rage when people that ordered later got their stuff shipped before me and be understanding with the fact that clockworkpi is a small team of enthusiasts. It seems this final stretch got the better of me…

Whilst waiting for this, i’ve ordered and received a Pi 5, a GTR7 Pro mini PC, a Khadas Mind and dock and won and eventually received a Lenovo Yoga Book 9i (twin OLED screens for the win and I LOVE it)… Still craving the Uconsole…:sunglasses:

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While waiting ive recieved a cm4, esp32, pspi v6, world peace, the hover board from back to the future, the uprising and downfull of skynet, found the one piece and a ride on the melenium falcon. Still wanting a uConsole

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So im guessing batch 5 is over and done with, was a pretty short one compared to before. Or is it just a less informed and documented one

Finally got the parcel delivered by Fedex yesterday (after notifying me one last time that it was scheduled to arrive next Monday oO). So about 13 days since the first shipment notification (label printed).

The device is great and I might quickly forget the long 13 months of waiting :slight_smile:
However like others said before, the WiFi antenna is kinda weak and I will try to replace it. Did not try 4G module yet though.


The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is wild - I’d almost rather use it sideways… but I have a cluttered workspace! I missed this years Huntsville Hamfest so I missed out on great used laptops but my Toughbook from last year is still going strong… taken it hamcamping several times this summer and it works well in the outdoors - including an unexpected downpour that misted under my awning…