Hinged display like Epson PX4

it’s may to late, but it would be advantageous when the display can be folded up for a better reading while typing .

like the Epson PX-4 or Olivetti M10


Yes exactly because then you get neck pain and stuff. I think it might be to late to change the design though. But even so, it’s not that bad.

So I’ll have to order a bigger 3d printer and try the change myself :wink:

It was just an idea as i reengaged my old hx20

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Ooh, do you have any intentions of selling them? Because I don’t have a 3d printer nor do I know how to use one. I also really want a hinged display too.

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Referring to this post, which I resonate with strongly:

How would the viewing angle contribute to neck pain?

Oh, because I just thought that it would cause neck pain because it kind of sounds uncomfortable.

I would imagine that if the viewing angle isn’t a true 180 degrees then you might well suffer pains if you are craning your neck or body to view the screen comfortably. But assuming it IS 180 degrees, (as advertised) then I’d venture, provided it’s bright enough and the environment it’s being used in isn’t too bright, it ought to be fine!


Oh, then thats really good.

always seeing this in my mind


I also just realized I could hook up my Vufine display to the hdmi port…

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Looks like my room… :roll_eyes:

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as has mine, once upon a time.
I have a dedicated lab space now.
@MHam68HC11 welcome