How do I download pygame with only a Gameshell? I don't have a working computer

I wanna make pygame games with only a gameshell and a bluetooth keyboard. Let’s just say I don’t have a computer as I don’t know how to explain my situation with my computer. And lemme make clear, I wanna CREATE games, not just play them. Is pygame already installed on gameshell? If it is, can I create games directly on the gameshell? And if pygame is not on gameshell by default, how can I download it without a desktop or laptop? Please like this post so that we as a community are more likely to get help!
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I think the GameShell has Nano for a text editor, so you can write code using that in the terminal. Not sure exactly how to get to the terminal in the launcher gui though or if you can.

If you need to install PyGame you can use wget.

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You can use your mobile phone for a lot of the same things a desktop is used for.
I guess whatever you used to make this post can be used.
On my iPhone while out and about, I use a program called Pisth. Any app that can SSH will do. Especially ones that work well with raspberry pis.
At the very minimum you will need to have a remote terminal session to access the gameshell, so you can at the very least make a script to access a shell.

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So does that mean I can download pygame to my Samsung tablet? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REPLYING!

I mean you can? But you’d be better off downloading, decompressing, making and installing them in one command via a remote terminal onto the gameshell directly. Downloading them to your Samsung then transferring them would actually be an extra step.

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You kick ass, javelin! (compliment). how do I get to a remote terminal?

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Using whatever ssh client, put in the IP address as indicated in the “tiny cloud” app on the gameshell screen.
Then put in both the username and password as CPI.
I guess it depends on what program you use to SSH into your gameshell. I haven’t used an Android in over a decade, so don’t know what the best SSH client to use would be.

On another note, this might be useful for your needs:
Note: this is 10 years old, so links could be out of date. But it’s got the general gist.

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Also, how do I get to the terminal?

If you SSH into your device, usually you would use a terminal. It’s where you type commands.
Here’s a screen cap from my mobile where I have logged in.


I got Putty, and ran putty.exe. Where do I put the password? In “Port”?

It should ask for your password after attempting to log in, after which you should be able to click a box to save the password.
It’s been over 10 years since I’ve used Putty or windows, so things might be different!
Keep the port set to 22, or whatever it is by default. It’s what is the default port to use for SSH.
The port is always a number.
21 = FTP
22 = SSH
23 = Telnet
Think of these as different means to communicate, eg Morse code, telephony device, carrier pigeon etc.

Just a word of warning, in advance. Once you start using a command line, consider it the equivalent of opening up someone’s skull and poking around in it. If you make a mistake, you can risk erasing your system.
A lot of commands that are listed by the system use the prefix “sudo”, meaning “super user do”. If you mess up with one of these commands, things can go VERY wrong.
Always make backups before using a command line, and especially before using and SU commands. Or just be aware of the risks.

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Hey javelin! Thank you for continuing to kick ass. Any idea how I verify the SSH key fingerprint?

Just click “yes” to visually verify it’s the right one. It’s just a security measure to ensure someone isn’t trying to pretend to be your gameshell on your network. Don’t worry if you don’t actually know what it is meant to be.
I doubt there’s someone else with a Gameshell on your network, so just click “yes” or “ok”. It should remember the fingerprint, and never ask again.

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I can’t type in the password for some reason

I can hit ENTER and it’ll give a new line, or right click to give a new line, but that’s about it

If you’re typing directly into a command line, try typing

ssh cpi@
changing the numbers to your IP address. It should then ask for a password. Type cpi in lower case.
It should then ask for a thumb print verification Y/N or something. Type Y.
Something along those lines. It’s 4am and I’m getting a bit sleepy!

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Go to bed if you need to. Thanks a million. I’ll just keep trying/researching stuff

It’s all good. I’ll at least try and get you up to speed with actually connecting to your gameshell. Just I might not recall exactly what the prompts say. It will have the right general gist. Let me know how you go with that last one.

I just quickly found this via google. It could come in handy. Also I don’t mean to be presumptuous or condescending. Just thought I’d make that clear. Just trying to help. :slight_smile:

Out of interest, do you have any experience using a command line, or Linux in general? If it’s of any help, the Gameshell OS is built on Debian, so that can be another good starting point in looking for answers.


I… think it worked? Now I just have to type stuff in where the $ sign is.

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