[VIDEO] In-depth DevTerm review after using it for a month. A06 & CM3 comparissons!

Here’s my assembled unit I went with gray background. Plastic is not as thick as I would have liked but not flimsy.

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Pico-8 and TIC-80 are not in the “package manager” of RPi either 32 or 64-bit.
TIC-80 has perfect build instructions, don’t know why you are having problems?

Is this on the A-06? I’ve an A-0604, and I only got three hours and 49 minutes in a video playback test. Were you actively using the device or allowing it to sit idle?

It’s an A06 doing software updates, package installation… not an exact hour count may have been closer to 2 to 2-1/2 but battery life appears to be good. Also what cells did you have? I’ll look at the specs on the ones I used.

RPi 32-bit builds are available for TIC-80 and Pico-8 on their webpages. If you don’t see how that’s more convenient and user-friendly, I don’t know what to tell you.

Yeah I’m starting to think the flap problem is unique to my unit. Puzzling, since optically there seems to be nothing wrong with it.

As mentioned in the review, I already found the workaround. I opened threads for Pico-8 and TIC-80. But I appreciate you sharing it anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I was all set up to build TIC-80 myself but then the CM3 unit arrived and I never got back to it. I should give it a go!

Interesting… if you really want to talk about “user-friendly”, let them (these niche game engines) provide 64-bit binary distribution packages if they really care about the “user-friendly”. No need to question the 64-bit architecture.

3,400mAh units - although, I admit, I haven’t run them through a full charge-discharge cycle in an external charger to confirm the actual capacity. My figures match others I’ve seen on here, though - you’re the first to suggest anything above the four-hour mark for active use of an A-0604.

If you get a chance, could you try running the device until it powers off - rather than taking the batteries out and confirming their charge status in an external charger - and report back how long it lasted?

Hey buddy. This is some kind misunderstanding There is no need to fight here. I’m just describing the practical realities of using the devices from the perspective of somebody who isn’t experienced with Linux and is considering buying an expensive device like this to use if for their favorite niche software. I’m not questioning any architecture. Obviously, 64bit is where things are heading. The Pico-8 ARM64 build has been already announced. In a year or two things might look different. I’ll be happy to do a follow-up then.

And if you are experienced enough that having to compile from source doesn’t even matter to you then obviously you already know better than me which of the core units is more useful to you. No need to listen to me.


I’m sure they are around 2800 mah ran last night about an hour hard use and drained them down to half. Unit indicated I had about 2 hours left so three hours use may be a realistic number. I’ve got a fresh set in it and will try to run a count of hours - I used the thermal printer too. That uses more power so there is another variable.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in that: mine reckons it could go for eight hours on a full charge, but if I use PowerTop - sudo apt install powertop - it gives me a much more conservative estimate.

Hey buddy. :wave: This is some kind misunderstanding. I’m just evaluating the quality of your video.

I think if PICO8 or CPI (or both) paid you to do this video (I mean IF, please don’t misunderstand me) they probably got the wrong person.

The fact is that “32-bit” PICO-8 can easily be run on a “64-bit” system, you may only need 2 lines of commands, just 2 lines… lines… sss…

Unfortunately in your video it turns into endless juggling, or perhaps you think those are the “humor”, and you just let this little issue stay there :woozy_face: Pool PICO-8 and A06…

I’m just saying, some people can make videos but that’s not the same as being competent enough to make an “In-deep” review on a product, whether it’s a software or a piece of hardware.

I hope your audiences enjoy your videos … (although you mislead them…)

Don’t worry, they are very smart. :joy:

Thanks I’ll investigate … I printed some labels on sticker backed paper - so many benign uses… never thought the printer would be used , but it is handy. I support public events as a ham operator and having a very portable computer and the ability to print could prove useful. Next stop will be some event database tools.

@krystman & @Jey, please no fight.

Let’s check hand / high five and stop there if you don’t mind.

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I’ll load this to better asses battery life and run to shutdown try to give a better estimate of battery life. What is the battery life impact of running this down . I have two sets of batteries so I can run 6 to 8 hours - length of most events I support as a logistics volunteer. M

There shouldn’t be any: it has a battery management system, so it won’t let the batteries discharge below their rated minimum. I found, however, that it didn’t shut down safely when I did it - it just switched off suddenly. So make sure you’re not doing anything you haven’t saved when it reaches those last few percent!

Yikes - there is a risk of corruption of the sd card when that happens will look at backing my card up before I would try this …

Just started to run the A0604 with an external HDMI display - I must say that when used as a diskless PC it is quite impressive - full screen Spyder editor in Python, large multi screen windows … :star_struck:

@krystman Thanks for making the video! My experiences with the A06 mirror yours, I’m spending an inordinate amount of time fussing with it. In general, I thought your review was excellent and your video editing is hilarious.

The highlight for me was your conclusion on why would anyone bother? I’ve had a hard time answering this myself as I regularly use many of my computers at home - mostly all in the boring box format. Your commentary about the Pocket Chip also hit home for me, so I found your final conclusion both insightful and relatable.

I may have to just hunker down and get a CM-3 at some point as the A06 issues are killing me.


I must be doing boring stuff - no limitation on loading A06 programs yet. Mainly Ham radio programs, some Python IDE - did have an issue loading the Arduino editor… but I can live without that - other forums suggest loading from the .tgz file since it is a later version. My main issue is the default password can’t VNC into the unit yet - will read the manual etc and see if I can find a clue.