How do you attach the CM4 to the Core?

I just got my DevTerm CM4 and am in the process of assembling it.

I’ve got to step “D”, “Mount the Core”, and it just says “There are many cores, go to the website”.

I’ve looked, I really have, but I can’t find any instructions for connecting the CM4 itself to the Core PCB.

There’s a “click” if you press them together, but the CM4 falls off again at the slightest touch.

What am I missing?

Followup question: The next step (D3), which I haven’t done yet because of the above, says to screw the core down to the mainboard.

My core has no screw holes, and even if it did, the place where they would screw into on the mainboard appear to be covered with solid orange plastic.

Have I received the wrong instructions?

I assembled my DevTerm last night, and installed the CM4 incorrectly on the first attempt.

The CM4 core module carrier board has an silkscreened outline indicating the correct mounting position. Align the CM4 with the outline and the two connectors. Then snap the module in place. If you install the CM4 module incorrectly, the outline will be exposed on one side and covered on the other.

There are no screws required for the CM4. The connectors make a strong bond that shouldn’t pop off once the DevTerm has been fully assembled.

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Yeah, I did get mine the correct way around, but it doesn’t firmly attach. One side “clicks”, the other side doesn’t, and it falls off easily.

Either the Pi or the Core board must have defective connectors, but I can’t tell which, there’s nothing obviously wrong with them just looking.

Can you take a photo of both carrier board and CM module connectors?
I’ve assembled mine, and both connectors clicked after applying some pressure and remained attached after that…

I would very carefully pop the CM4 off the carrier (small flat blade). Examine the connectors on both for damage. A fair amount of force is required to snap the CM4 in place.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My assembly has been otherwise halted by a damaged keyboard so I need to wait for a replacement part before I can continue.

I did get the Pi attached in the end. I still think something is wrong with one of the connectors, one side “clicks” but the other side doesn’t. It still comes loose quite easily, but, it seems to be making a good connection anyway, and it stays connected inside the case.

I really feel like the assembly instructions should include a page for this step, however.

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