How to charge faster than normal

  1. Plug in the micro USB to the corresponding port
  2. Wait for the amber solid light to turn on, indicating it has external power
  3. Allow a complete boot to occur
  4. Press left until you arrive at Settings
  5. Go to BackLight Brightness
  6. Press left all the way until the screen goes completely dark
  7. Allow a 30-60 minute charge to replenish the battery
  8. Press right a few notches to access a desired brightness level

Note: This will help you get your system charged faster than normal. If you want a precise numerical percentage of what your battery energy is at, go to Utils and choose Bean.

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I always turn off the GS after plugging the cable in, which should in theory be even faster, but it’s definitely not 30-60 minutes.


尝试修改 constant_charge_current_max 或许可以加速充电, 但是你一定要先了解电池的最大充电电流

Trying to modify constant_charge_current_max may speed up charging, but you must first understand the maximum charging current of the battery.

读取 Read

cat /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-battery/constant_charge_current_max

写入 Write

echo 1200000 | sudo tee /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-battery/constant_charge_current_max

Server mode would be even better, if you needed to have SSH access, since the backlight time out is much lower. But I’m guessing you mean having faster charging while still being able to use it.

Also, just letting it auto shut off, say if you’re using balanced or power saved mode still lets the unit charge.

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