apps/Menu and launcher/Menu/GameShell

What is the reason for splitting the Menu in two different directories?

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Historical reason

~/apps/Menu is for not breaking up the update of launcher cause launcher uses git to update , and git does not like files that modified

so basicly , users put their apps/games into ~/apps/Menu now

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I see. What you are saying is that when I press ‘update launcher’ on gameshell, it uses git pull to update \launcher directory. In that case, isn’t it better to only keep all Menu folders in apps/Menu? Why do we need to keep the Menu folder in launcher?

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you can do that as you wish


Because if you move them from the Launcher folder, you will have duplicate menus after the next update. Best leave the default menu items there.

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I don’t like the way it is organized by default. I want to put Reload UI and Music Player under Utils, and CaveStory and ChocoDM to Indie Games folder, because I don’t need to use/play them so often.

For some strange reasons (probably historical reasons as mentioned by @guu), The four items above are in the launcher directory while the Utils and Indie Games are in the Menu. At end I decided to move everything to Menu. It’s easier to sort and organize the items.

But thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: . I will remove the duplicates in launcher directory after update.

As a side note, after organizing the folder, the icons are not recognized. I guess the icon images in skin has to match the Menu directory exactly. It would be nice if the icons stayed linking to the menu item regardless where they are. But I guess this is overkilled. I should just copy the icons to match Menu.

This is one of the big issues I have with the launcher. It needs to be better suited for custom organization, as well as having the theme adapt without having to customize the theme as well so icons are in the correct location.

Anything not related to the base launcher organization should not be included in the launcher, it should be elsewhere and be easily updated and modified for easier organization without launcher updates screwing stuff up.

The theme / skin should auto choose a default icon by name only, not path based, so icons all live in one folder, and if the item being launched has not provided or defined an icon, it will choose an icon WHEREVER you move it.

I’ve been meaning to start working on some updates and have them pulled in, just can never seem to find enough time.


It’s great to see your agreement with me :smile:. I can try to the launcher though my programming skills are quite limited. But it will certainly be a good learning lesson.

I had a look at the code yesterday. It’s striking to see python written in C style :joy: My OCD made me want to change every line!

Not strictly a fix, but there was this related thread that was more or less counteracting the limits of the file structure breaking updating, with duplicates appearing

What’s worse for me is that for say, Cave Story, I modify the action file to point to a different core directory. Instead of being just duplicated, it gets overwritten.

I just posted something to the main 0.5 thread, pertaining to a bug in the file structure and very much related to duplicate locations causing problems.

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