How to install PICO-8 on GameShell



Ah darn. Picked it up after a few days, I get the locking too. Mind you, it keeps running, but keys are unresponsive. You can actually see it if you launch a game fast enough - it keeps on running but keys don’t work.


This is just epic.

Best Pico-8 games


Come again now? char limit


Haha I mean like “what are the best games on Pico-8!”


Has anyone found a perfect fullscreen res yet? I’m not around my computer so I can’t mess around


This is a good list of Pico-8 games:

(Forum thread about the list:

The site doesn’t make it immediately obvious how to download each game for local play, but nearly every game has a link to the BBS thread where the author first posted the game. You can click “Cart” there to get the PNG file.


Ah, that’s a great resource! Pity it doesn’t have an RSS feed…


Installed and launched Pico-8, but the config files aren’t being created when I do so. I’m also not getting the launch chime when I launch Pico-8. Anyone know how to fix this, or link me to a config directory I could copy? Thanks :smiley:


Thanks to everyone here. Another Pico-8 up and working on the GS.

Instructions were excellent. I ended up with broken links 'cause I was being fancy with the directories. I went back, slowed down, and it was easy to find where I went wrong. Thanks for the excellent work making this clear. Played for about 10min to check inputs, etc. Works great, no issues on my updated launcher system. I did have 1 game out of 10 crash on me, but I figured that was par.

PICO-8 is a sweet program I just discovered due to these forums, so I can’t wait to find the next cool thing to stumble onto with the GS. I’m hoping that Lexaloffle picks up GameShell where they left off with CHIP. Did someone say custom GS build? Yeah, it was me.

How about Voxatron? Wonder if GS could even run that thing…