Pico-8 launcher update

I noticed pico 8 is included in the new launcher update.
I own it. How do I get it to work? It just freezes right now. I tried replaced the “pico-8” folder with the one I have


I just figured it out.

Copy your raspi pico-8 zip into ~/games/PICO-8 and it’ll install on its own :slight_smile:


It still won’t open but I’ll be persistent lol
EDIT: I just had to fix directories in the .sh file.

actually Its work when I follow your step, when I put the pico-8.zip into the path and run it, first time it quit, but the second time, it’s work~


mkdir ~/games/PICO-8

place the pico-8_0.1.11g_raspi.zip into ~/games/PICO-8 through Samba or SCP,whatever

launcher check the md5sum of pico-8_0.1.11g_raspi.zip
then unzip the pico-8_0.1.11g_raspi.zip

into ~/games/PICO-8/pico-8

if the md5sum check failed, you can still proceed the whole process


guu@guu-desktop:~/github/cuu/launcher$ cat Menu/GameShell/50_PICO-8/PICO-8.sh 

#SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 DISPLAY=:0 ./pico-8/pico8_dyn -splore -draw_rect 32,0,256,240
cd /home/cpi/games/PICO-8/pico-8
SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11 DISPLAY=:0 ./pico8_dyn -splore -draw_rect 32,0,256,240

PICO-8.sh will invoke the pico8_dyn from ~/games/PICO-8/pico-8

the launcher will put a .done inside the ~/launcherMenu/GameShell/50_PICO-8/ if everything is done

so if you want to do it manually, or your pico-8 is not the same name/version as mine ,like above

unzip the pico-8.zip into ~/games/PICO-8


touch ~/launcherMenu/GameShell/50_PICO-8/.done

then it will be launched

remove ~/launcherMenu/GameShell/50_PICO-8/.done will re-do the all thing