I broken my lightkey


it is possible to acquire outstanding pieces, at the time of assembly of the lightkey the piece of the glued buttons I broke between the separations in the time to remove the burrs


Do you have a photo of it?

I missed out order LightKey but now I wanna order one.

I contact them on kickerstarter but no reply yet.

Hope we can order some parts form them

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sorry my delay

Doesn’t really seem like a big problem to be honest. It’ll probably still work just fine.

Same, I tought it was the board with the switches itself, thats why I asked about a photo to evaluate better the problem.

I think it will be fine, just assemble it and try

sometimes the tip button does not work, like locked, then you have to press several times to unlock.

I contact customer service. They said they will set online shop “soon”. Then we can purchase parts from their online shop. Don’t worries mate.

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I cut all of mine apart do each one is a separate button. I haven’t had any issues with mine, didn’t even realize they were suppose to stay together in a strip.

I had the same problem when I tried to assemble first. Reopen the case and adjust the keys a bit - repeat until they all click fine :wink:

I have the problem that the rightmost key isn’t recognized at all in the emulators. In retroarch config nothing happens when I press it.

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