I want a touchscreen on the uConsole

I want a touchscreen on the uConsole. PLEASE.

I had a PocketCHIP, which had a resistive touch screen, and it turns out that a touch screen on a handheld running desktop linux doesn’t always make for an ideal pointing device. It made it difficult to make selections from menus at the top of the screen.

I don’t think it would be trivial to add a touch screen to the uConsole. You would need to find a screen that fits the case, has the same connector, but also has an internal connector for USB or GPIO pins… and the uConsole doesn’t currently have GPIO pins to spare. It would most likely require a new mainboard too.

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The best input device on a mobile device for me is an analog nub or better 2. This is the best thing on my open pandora.


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When you use linux on a screen that size and resolution you will quickly realise why it would be terrible to have a capacitive touch screen like on a smart phone, as they are simply not accurate enough. Perfectly accurate for android or iOS which is designed with massive buttons etc, but the linux that the clockworkpi runs is not, and would be a massive waste of the potential.

Resistive touch screen is accurate enough but needs a stylus. That went out of fashion several decades ago. Or you need an active digitizer like the apple pencil or the galaxy ultra which is really expensive. There are no good options regarding touch screens, the current set up makes a lot of sense.


this will likely be doable. once we have dimensions of physical hardware, sourcing a usb interfaced digitizer should be trivial

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Linux has come a long way. Touchscreen and mobile support is better than it ever has been.

They have DE’s that are comparable and desktop convergence is really nice these days. I had a pinephone for a while and I could do a lot of things on the go, and at home I plug in a full sized monitor and keyboard and everything was amazing!

Have all of you guys been living under a rock to not know how much work has been done to make linux amazing on mobile and touchscreen devices?

The newer dragonbox pyra has a touchscreen though right? I would like to have both, because depending on what you are doing have both comes in handy.