uConsole_V2 uConsole_PLUS!

This is my design. I hope you like it



I like the D-Pad.




Other fantasy upgrades to consider: a touch display and a stylus to go along with the uConsole. Kind of like a Samsung Note phone.
Having the keyboard be a trackpad, like some more modern phones with physical keyboards do. So you can scroll up or down by moving your fingers across the keys. See video below if you’re confused

Adding a digitizer is super simple, it’s the “finding one that fits” part is hard

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It needs a ribbon cable, and a place for that cable to connect to as well. The easiest way would be if it could be part of the keyboard’s ribbon cable. Definitely would require a custom PCB, but I see how it could be doable. I wonder how the phone I posted does it. I will further research this.

I may buy this phone just to try to flash Raspberry Pi OS or something. No idea if that is possible, but open to figuring out why it won’t work, on my own haha. I love this community :smiley:

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Well you could definitely put stock android on it and side load a terminal app. Idk about raspberry pi os, maybe Ubuntu Touch or another ARM mobile OS can be put on this, but they’re usually very specific on what phones are compatible. I don’t see a reason to tbh, the uConsole is much better than the Titan.

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