Ideas and suggestions for future GameShell

  • Battery indicator. Like a simple flashing LED when the battery is at 10%

  • A less bulky lightkey

  • A better D-Pad: less squishy and more precise


Something similar to the light key but it snaps to the top for ‘real’ L/R button feeling


Well, I haven’t gotten mine yet so I can’t really say what should/can be improved… I was wondering about the screen…could it be better, IPS-screen? :thinking:

isn’t it IPS screen?

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Maybe it is hahah :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Lightkey is ugly, uncomfortable, and bulky. The Lego texture also digs into my fingers too. A smooth texture back with real shoulder buttons would be great. The d pad could also use some work. Too much wiggle room and inaccuracies. A dedicated volume slider would be a great quality of life improvement, but not necessarily. And finally, the screen is just “okay.”

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I was skeptical at first but that lightkey module really grow on me. I like the texture and touch feeling of the buttons, even if it makes the console more bulky and hard to transport. I also like that you can regulate the height at which you position those buttons depending of the length of your fingers thanks to those Lego studs on the back of the case.

But my opinion, just as many other opinions, is totally subjective. You could hate it or love it. As far as I’m concerned, I love it the way it is.

What I think it would be great improvents are the volume rocker and a button to control brightness from the hardware standpoint. It’s really unconfortable to have to exit to the launcher to change the brightness if you are in the middle of a game.


Launcher improvements:

  • “PowerOptions”: Much more flexible, reconfigureable profiles
  • “Airplane Mode”: Additional option to disable WiFi and Bluetooth separately; properly detecting currently disabled airplane mode (to avoid enabling again after it’s already enabled, to be able to disable)
  • “Buttons Layout”: Built-in options to completely re-map lightkey buttons, possibly change their default keys with new ones (as currently their default mapping equals with SHIFT+ABXY - LOL)
  • “About” option to show diag data, Launcher and OS version aswell.

Functionality improvements:

  • Overall WiFi connectivity rework to make it compatible with modern WiFi routers and standards, it’s hilarious that most of us needs to use 10 year old WiFi routers to make it able to connect
  • Overall USB connectivity rework, very unstable USB connections, connectivity loss, overall slow bandwidth, better USB driver possibly?

Equipment options:

  • Option to order with bigger micro SD cards (16GB - 256GB)

Manageability improvements:

  • Option to create/restore config backups and full backups immersively from the Launcher
  • Option to keep the network active while playing (SSH drops when RetroArch is launched - possibly background app/service issue?)
  • Native and realiable option to display the battery level as OSD, using precise values (1%-99%)

WTFs needs fixing:

  • Remove hardwired stuff, like the TinyCould hardwired IP address (, even on the GUI (which is completely hardwired into binary - LOL), add option to fully customize
  • Overall stability improvements, like fixing hung screen when suhtting down the device, fixing hung conditions in overall, hung condition after connecting to WiFi, and a lot like these…

Design flaws to fix:

  • Wrongly placed micro SD card, very hard to access, cables in the way
  • Option to swap batteries without dissassembling
  • Option to order glass screen protector made for this device
  • Better power button cap, which is less hard and annoying to push
  • Label to the micro HDMI output
  • Copper plate or heatsink solution on CPU and on the back in overall to help it cooling
  • Option to fully cover all holes, including the microUSB, microHDMI, audioJack, near power button, lightkey addon output hole, arduino output - possibly with rubber caps, to avoid dust entering in
  • Option to disable lightkey lights, the player does not see the lights when playing, as the keys are on the back - conserve battery

Personally? I’d love to see some more options for gameshell hardware components. Right now you have a really neat modular design, but not much modularity. I know faceplates will soon be available to order separately, that’s a good start. How about a faceplate with a keyboard on the face, kinda like the pocket CHIP did? Different screen options for different projects/budgets, higher capacity batteries, etc. Basically every modular component needs some kind of alternative option to justify the modularity.


battery ugrade for sure that will take advantage of the empty space below the existing battery

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Another thing should be noticed about the LCD screen is that the pixel arrange is not straight. it has a not normal arrange style. Vertical line is not straight but horizontal is straight. For instance I pin a image to explain this pixel style which I think is not suitable for retro game.:disappointed_relieved:_20190321_134820
Image a is normal arrange and image b is used in gameshell.
For me would like to hear more about the replacement of the screen for a better display.
Could see the “l” of the word “help” is not straight.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Glass screen holder opposed to plastic screen holder sold seperately

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well a faceplate and “keyboard” setup including some kind of analog stick setup (along with a bit more powerful cpu/gpu) for ps1 and beyond

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