Ideas and suggestions for future GameShell



If you set up RetroArch with the controls in the other thread then you can click Menu and it will open the RetroArch menu instead of quitting. :smiley:


I kind of got used to it too… but you shouldn’t need to :slight_smile: Playing anything that requires precise d-pad control on this is a chore, and it should be a pleasure (imo)!


Just got mine, even without battery i still love it! I just wished it had usb c instead of micro, another request would be a better dpad, diagonal input is somewhat lackluster.


I have made a post about review of the “retail” version of GS which is also relevant to this thread:


Its a great machine and now that I have it setup with some more games it is just what I want.
However, if you want to branch out of the hacker/geek market and appeal to the larger gaming market, the Gameshell will need to come preloaded with a ‘killer’ app (cavestory and FreeDoom are great btw).

The Raspberry Pi distribution includes minecraft-pi, this is helped by the open broadcom GPU drivers and all the younger gamers can appreciate minecraft. Also minecraft-pi integrates with the programming languages that are being used in STEM at schools.
You would probably need to get the mali GPU drivers into the next OS release but please consider reaching out to the minecraft developers to ask them to create a port for the clockwork pi.


Love the gameshell. Just a few simple tweeks.

  1. In the instructions to put the buttons in (a,b,x,y) write a small note that after update you can choose between supernes layout or xbox controller. Playing mario with the wrong buttons made me crasy in the begining.
  2. Clearify how to put the ribbon cable for the monitor in. I struggle with it a few minutes and I have seen others do the same in the forum.
  3. D-pad working with two options at the same time. Up and left for instance.
  4. Gameshell news app. To be able to read news about the gameshell in the gameshell.
  5. If possible make it easy to swap the battery with out taking the whole thing apart. I get why the design are like it is but the freedom to have as many batteries as you like is nice.
  6. An app for making custom menus. Sure you can hack it with ssh, samething for custom startup screen.
  7. More cores in retroarch by default. Gameboy and super nes.
  8. Cmd app by pressing up and down.
  9. Better wifi range.

Just a few tweeks. For first generation it is great. I love it.


A back casing with LEGO you can attach the LightKey to… but that’s it. Have the rest of the case smooth like the original. I tried adding flatlego pieces but the sharp corners took away from it. I love the feel of the plain, smooth plastic but NEED my LightKey!!