Idiot Accidentally reset controls Please help

So i accidentally bound multiple controls to one key in retroarch and pressed the “reset controls” key so now only the d-pad works. I know that I need to access the command prompt but i don’t know how to like the device to a computer do do that. Could someone please help explain how to like to my “Windows 10” and how to access the command prompt so that I may rebind the controls. All of the guides explain how to do it on a mac but not windows. To make matters worse I can only connect to my computer via my phone acting like a hotspot because it doesn’t like my wifi. I really need a Idiots guide to fix this.

Hullo! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:
Sounds like a similar problem to this guy. I searched for it in the forums. Here’s a link to a quick fix! :slight_smile:

As for a way to like your Windows 10, that’s a hard one. I stopped using windows a while ago. I suppose one way you could like it more is to only have the barebones essentials installed?
Otherwise, you can use something like the program “putty” to do everything that mac users would do via terminal. I think other people use “filezilla”, but at the end of the day, it’s just an SSH client that will have the same input as anything else.

Alternatively, if you’re using your phone as a hotspot anyway, you can use the phone to access your game shell, and use an SSH client.

Have a search in the forums - there should be a few resources that can help you! I’ve found one for your here:

Wow thank a lot. Now I feel even stupider for missing that. Everything works fine now.

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Haha!! Noooo the only stupid person is the one who doesn’t ask the questions! Now you know more and are smarter for it! Time to go down the rabbit hole of LEARNING STUFF! :smiley:
Have fun!