Im trying to install things on the sd card but the format is wrong

I am trying to install things onto the sd card but my pc says that it can’t read the format i tried formatting it but it says that doing so will delete the data on the sd card so i am afriad of doing it.

I assume you’re a Windows user. I’m also assuming you wrote one of the Clockwork Pi distros from here.
Lots of guesswork involved, please elaborate any steps you took when possible.

That could be normal behavior, but to be sure I’m asking for a screenshot of the disk management, see here on how to open it.

If you’re on Linux, please paste the result of sudo fdisk -l <blockdev>, where blockdev could be either /dev/sd<lowercase letter> or /dev/mmcblk0, for that to determine look for changes of the command lsblk when inserting and removing the SD card.

One simple mistake I could imagine is not decompressing the distro image.
Again, just guesses. We would need more info for sure.

Well now i have a different problem wich is that i formated the sd card reinstalled the system (5.0) and now the thing just gets stuck on the “ah clockwork” screen

how you reinstall the system 0.5 os image ?

on windows or linux ?