Is A04 enough for most use?

I’m considering about A04-2G and A06-2G version. Is A04 model enough for emulator and indie-game development? I have no idea about the performance of Cortex-A53 and the memory need in this platform.

Good question. But considering the fact that I have enjoyed most of the power from a Raspberry Pi Zero (the GPi case) for emulation. I do think A04-2g model (which I actually bought just now) is sufficient for most emuliation. Maybe even NDS emulation?

BTW, I do wonder (and sort of think) that the clockwork will launch other boards for more power-consuming tasks later. So why not upgrade later?

You mean just buy a basic model and wait for new compute board later?

Well the main question is I have tried playing PSP emulator on Rasberry Pi 3, same CPU as A04 with lower frequency. So I wonder if A04 could handle this kind of job.

Though I’m considering rather buy a PSP to fulfill this job.

or get a PS vita. They have a high-res patch for ps vita to emulate PSP games with better resolution. If you really wanna emulate PSP here, then I will say, more power, the best model! But, what will you do with the joystick?

I forgot about this. Seems that A04-2g would be a better choice for me.

Also, I search this forum and find they are working for a CPU-upgraded GameShell. Hope it will be more powerful. I just miss the DEOT version in my country.

i’ve gone with the A06, specifically to help with audio + usb midi + tracker software. i’m hoping there will be a more comprehensive showcase of the hardware in videos before release.

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Yeah, I am planning to do some music on that. Damn, you are right, maybe I should get a more powerful one.

i went A06 + 4gb ram just to be safe

good idea, should talk to them to change. But I am curious whether they will launch something on par with pi4 (8gb ram) thing later, or even with a more powerful ‘pro’ (larger version?).

BTW, have you used things like pi for music before? 2gb is enough or not? Cheers.

the CPi 3.1 board (the one in the gameshell) can run DS games, so i wouldn’t doubt it

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no, this will be my first time. depending on what you want to do 2gb can be more than enough, but more ram is always helpful.

Cheers, so I will definitly get that upgraded!

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True, just a bit worried about the battery life thing (they even mentioned that on web page). We will see. Maybe I will buy another one for fun. This thing is roughly about the price of two Korg Volca Synth.

Well. Decide to buy A04-2g model. A06 seems a little bit overkill for me.


if more entertainment, choose a06-4g

Yeah, I already have a 6node bramble with an 8gb front node so I opted for the a04-2gb, mostly to start as bramble terminal, but it’s definitely gonna see other hobby uses.

If the A04 were suitable for all tasks, there would be no reason for the A06 to exist.


The problem is to define what “most use” mean.

For X most use, it will probably be perfect, for Y most use, it may not.

it is honestly quite subjective.


If I dabble with X, it’s gonna be light or tiny. Never auto loading. always boot to shell. so an a04 is likely more than enough.

While A06 is more powerful, it could also mean faster battery draining and more heat generating which may result in louder fan noise.